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Advertising Campaigns

sstrategic planning, creative development of advertisements, project management, planning, organisation and coordination of campaigns
- TV advertisements
- radio advertisements
- outdoor advertisements
- POS advertisements
- advertisements on the Internet, web design

Media planning

Marketing Consultation

well-considered and planned activities guarantee successful marketing and thereby contribute to the achievement of the company’s/organisation’s goals. Read more...
- marketing audit
- principles of marketing communication
- branding


packaging design, advertisement design, corporate identity (CVI), web design

Advertising photography

Photography, just as graphic design, is part of visual advertising. A photo is often more aesthetically pleasing than reality. Read more... 

Printing Services

printed materials must be designed and photos must be processed considering paper quality as well as the printing company where your advertising materials will be printed. Learning about all aspects of printing techniques takes a lot of time and effort; therefore we advise ordering preparation of printed materials from specialists.

Different Subcontracts

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