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Marketing Consultation.

There are very few business areas today where there is no competition. Competition creates the need to differentiate oneself from others and stand out among similar companies. The idea of marketing is to bring out the specific features of your company/organisation, create your own face and apply this in all communication with clients and partners and in all channels.
Marketing is the international common name for sales, marketing and client service processes. The role of marketing in this process is to create expectations and attitudes and initiate client or partner relationships. The role of sales and client services covers development of the relationships and their realisation according to the plans of the company/organisation.
Therefore, the objective of marketing is use of the non-asset (or emotional) values of the company/organisation (such as organisation culture, reputation, familiarity, etc.) for achievement of the goals of the company/organisation (such as earning profits).

All companies and all the employees of a company/organisation are engaged in marketing – they do so consciously as well as unconsciously, depending on whether the marketing process is a well-considered, continuous and directed activity or whether it is spontaneous and chaotic. Any communication with clients, partners and the public affects their attitude toward the company/organisation. Well-considered and planned activities guarantee successful marketing and thereby contribute to the achievement of the company’s/organisation’s goals.

Companies/organisations must not have special employees for marketing. Companies who actually need to engage in marketing only a couple of months in a year may find that outsourcing the activity is more rational.

The main marketing services are:

- Marketing audit.

Mapping and analysis of the marketing activities of a company/organisation. We work together with your employees and find out what has already been done and give our expert opinion of this. As a result of the marketing audit, you will be given an overview of your current marketing activities – methods, channels, volumes and results. If the effect of marketing has not been calculated in the company, we can do this retrospectively if requested. We will compare your marketing activities to those of your competitors. We will also give our opinion and suggest how to improve the tools of the company’s visual identity, their condition (logo, stylebook, etc.) and their continuous implementation. The marketing audit will give you an overview of the marketing already done and specifies the position where you are today.

- Principles of marketing communication.

Principles of marketing communication (PMC) are a combination of a company’s marketing goals, activity principles and methods. These principles form a so-called strategic tool, which is the basis for everyday marketing activities.
A tactical marketing activity plan is also added to PMC and it defines the activities, target group, goal, time schedule, cost and result fields to be completed later. PMC and marketing plans are usually prepared for a year or two and the marketing activities of the company are performed on the basis thereof.
PMC define:
- who we are (essence of the organisation/brand),
- what we want to achieve (goals, where we are today),
- who our competitors are and what our position compared to theirs is,
- what we do (service and values that we offer clients),
- who we communicate with (description of the target group),
- what we emphasise (arguments, values),
- which methods and channels we use (which media we advertise in),
- how we do it (tone and style of communication),
- when and how we measure the effect of marketing.
PMC are developed with a marketing questionnaire, common conversations and group work with the key people of the company (6-10 people). This process takes about 4-6 weeks. In the course of the process, we learn about your business and its specific features and will find the marketing methods that will suit your needs.
The existence of PMC guarantees continuation of your marketing activities and the mutual understanding with advertising agencies, media planners and other marketing partners that is required for successful cooperation.

- Branding.

What are the values that your clients and partners expect/look for in your services/products? Which values and principles dominate in your organisation?
Brand is the face of a business strategy – Scott Galloway, Prophet Brand Strategy.
If a company wishes to engage in thorough, systematic and continuous marketing activities that proceed from the specific features, values and goals of the company, then we have to map and analyse the emotional assets of the company. The branding process results in a brand book, which when compared to an ordinary style book (logo, fonts, letterheads, etc.) contains the analysis and mapping of the emotional assets or brand of the company (values, attitudes, symbols).

The 5 steps of branding:
1. Analysis:
• Essence of the brand
• Analysis of culture
• Target group and position in target group
• Competitors

2. Scenarios:
• Opportunities and threats, possible variations

3. Strategy:
• Main values of the brand
• Brand design
• Brand architecture

4. Brand assets:
• Awareness
• Preference

5. Consequence:
• Desired market position

Development of a brand book takes 6-8 weeks, the first weeks of which will be spent on analysis and development of scenarios and the last four weeks on the creation of the strategy and visual side of the brand.
Testing adds about 1-2 weeks to the work schedule, depending on the methods use.

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